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Meet the Team

Alec and Peter met in 2017 and quickly found their previous experiences, education and professional goals to serve students fostered a quality friendship. Since the first week of working together, their counterbalanced skills provided an optimal partnership to grow their prison college program to a national leader. Over the last 5 years, they have developed national leading faculty training, helped acquire millions of dollars in grant funding, influence major systems level policies and began a movement to address educational and professional barriers to students succeeding. 


Peter is a tenured Professor and Department Chair for Public Services and Administration of Justice. He is also leading social change as a Director of multiple police academy programs. He is a faculty lead alongside Alec in program and professional development implementation.

Peter is a quantitative analysis expert that thrives on achieving clear measurable outcomes. He loves the outdoors and spending time with his family in the woods. His doctoral work focuses on scalability of publicly funded HEP programming and student outcomes as a functional reintegration model.


Alec is a tenured professor of Anthropology and Sociology and has taught in the prison since 2017. He is currently the Prison Faculty Lead for Letters and Sciences and works on multiple nationwide projects for catalyzing higher education in prison. His specific area of focus is cultural identity, anthropology of education, and the anthropology of policy.


Alec is a qualitative study guru and investigates shared experiences through ethnographies. When he's not teaching, he enjoys spending time with his family, running marathons, gardening, and studying for his PhD program.

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