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About TEC's Mission

Alec and Peter started TEC with the mission of using business minded strategies to overcome beleaguered bureaucratic barriers and silos and return to the transforming mission of education. Our continued front-line experience in oppressive systems of justice and education compelled us to take action and drive social change at the intersections of systems, organizations and individuals. We activate mechanical, temporal, and spatial solidarity with your team by engaging like-minded consultants in our Community of Practice to address any tailored need to educational systems or organizations to overcome historical barriers and seek a new and innovative future.

We believe that quality education is a human right and when guided through effective and transparent social enterprise we can maximize human agency.

base camp 2019-0057_edited.jpg
base camp 2019-0057_edited.jpg


TEC catalyzes impacts of social enterprise with business mindset solutions in public systems, organizations and individuals by providing industry-leading approaches to social, environmental and educational justice.


Our work will transform lives and enhance educational programming by addressing the intersection of quality education and justice.

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